• Fast cycle
  • Great strength
  • Excellent aesthetic quality of the joint
  • Moulds with a minimum of 2 cavities

The SJPE MAXI multipurpose jointing system is the latest technology for the production of butt and corner joints in profiles made of (reinforced or nonreinforced) rubber, thermoplastic materials and PVC.
The SJPE MAXI system uses a special film or a sheet in POLYETHYLENE (PE) as material to be interposed automatically between the surfaces to be jointed.

Type of joints

PE joints on gaskets:

  • Rubber/sponge
  • Reinforced rubber/sponge
  • Hollow extruded items, e.g., pipes
  • With bi-adhesive
  • Flocked
  • Thermoplastic materials/PVC


Sealing cycle25 s