Easy to use

High precision

Proven robustness

The current version of the high-speed push pin machine, APIM, uses a perfect blend of speed and timing for the completion of the product. Thanks to cutting edge technology, the equipment can make holes and insert push pins synchronously at a very high speed with high accuracy. Even with all the technological contribution, the equipment remains easy to use and robust. Ideal for the production of high-volume products.

Designed for coiled or pre-cut extrusions :

Wheel house
Rocker seals
Hood seals


  • Vibrating bowl with CONCEPTROMEC’s unique high-speed technology provides up to 100 pins/min
  • Double-ejection conveyor and measurement system
  • Simple and easy to use operator interface
  • Insert clips in stop mode
  • Insertion detection of push pin by means of laser sensor
  • Blind-insertion of pin performed for over 10 years
  • Multiple servo-motor synchronization for moving profile


Machine cycle-time1,0 to 1,5 s.
Pin-to-pin tolerance± 1 mm pour 100 mm
Overall-length tolerance± 5 mm per 3 500 mm
End-Cut / 1st hole± 1 mm per 100 mm centre en centre