CONCEPTROMEC has a full engineering team with many years of experience in the automotive sealing sector that can respond to complex requests for customized equipment. If you have a problem or need a new type of production equipment, CONCEPTROMEC’s experienced team can help you get powerful and efficient equipment adapted to your production needs.

With the implementation of over 30 custom-tailored equipments each year, we have a solution to meet your requirements and those of a most demanding market.

End-of-line Automation & Robotic Solutions

Conceptromec specializes in the design, the production and system integration of the highest quality in end-of-line equipment. A unique expertise in the development of customized automated or robotic solutions in palletizing and material handling.


Robot palletizing styrofoam dishes

Robot palletizing compressed wood rip bags

Robot palletizing peat moss bags

Robot palletizing double stations, wood pellets bags & wood rip bags

Robot palletizing bags of beans

Robot palletizing cans

Palletizing bags of flour (Entry level system)

Palletizing bags of beans (Entry level system)

Empty pallet picking

Palletizing Robot/wrapping combined

Palletizing wood

Palletizing peat moss

Material handling

Sorting and bagging system for Hospital linen (industrial laundry)

Corrugated core handling system

Automatic pallet inverter

Automatique pallet dispenser

Cellule Tray forming

Bagging sorted laundry

Case packing hardware