8th generation technology

CONCEPTROMEC offers its customers very high-performance clip insertion machines. Still available in its entry level version under the name ACIMVII it is now also available in a very high speed variant. Under the name ACIM VIII, this version can easily be customized to accomodate a wide range of clip and of extrusion profiles. Made to produce quality, it is also designed to minimize downtime for maintenance or for production program change.

CPS (CONCEPTROMEC PREDICTIVE SOLUTION): The CPS is the telematic solution to leverage the industry 4.0 opportunities. Available on all clip insertion machines, the CPS allows a remote diagnostic by the experts of CONCEPTROMEC. A real time performance assessment give our expert team an accurate production status which allows them to identify improvement opportunity to maximize the productivity.

Entry level ACIM VII

To reduce acquisition cost.

  • Insertion speed down to 0.8 second per clip fast enough for most production programs.
  • Smart auto set-up technology for new recipe or current production.
  • User friendly touch screen HMI to reduce user training needs.
  • High end of extrusion cutting quality.
  • High precision quality.
  • Quality control using state of the art HD vision technology.
  • NEW: Detection of black clip on black extrusion.


To reduce the total lifecycle cost.

This top of the line version offer the same features as the ACIM VII plus:

  • Quick and easy tooling change over system:
    • Interchangeability of tooling between machines from the same batch for more flexibility (transfer of tooling from one machine in maintenance to another in production).
    • Interchangeability of the tooling to minimize the time of change of production program.
  • Very high speed as fast as 0.5 seconds for inserting most types of clips. Ideal for high production volumes or to use a single machine for multiple programs thanks to the quick and easy tooling change over system.
  • Easy accessibility for quick and easy maintenance minimizing production downtime.